EWSD, Surpass support

We provide full range of the customer support include the Technical Queries, Trouble Resoltion, Emergency cases resolution and projects handling. We are capable to support the existing EWSD, hiE9200, hiS700, NetManager installations and handle the projects from scratch to integration. The service we provides may include the support of EWSD, hiE9200, hiS700, hiG1600, iSuite, NetManager, NetManager applications (include Number Portability, NP provisioning support and SPOTS).

We provide the care service in 24x7 mode include the EME support by phone for English speaking customers. Just call us to +7 383 2131659 or mail to netmanager.expert@gmail.com to get the details.

The EWSD, Surpass and NetManager support.

Our enginners have the unique world level experts knowledges based on practical projects handling and Tier 3 support for customers worldwide. The specialistshas have the 10+ years experience and certified to work with solutions which include EWSD v12-v17, hiE9200 s3-s5.2, hiS700 SON5-SON8, hiG1600 v2-v4, NetManager v4N-v7, full range of NetM Applications, iSuite R10-R14.

The company was founded at the end of 2012 by engineers worked for Siemens and NSN customers support more than 10 years. We're small company and each customer is very significant for us. We fully recognize the customer needs and capable to provide the qualified support which may dramatically increase the customer satisfaction level.

The engineers we have can handle the complete EWSD, Surpass or NetManager projects without NSN assistance and fix 99% of the problems by themselves. Being in Siemens (and then in NSN) we were completely focused on the EWSD, Surpass and NetManager technologies and obtained deep experience during the Level 3 world-wide customers support and projects handling.

The EWSD and Surpass service we provide includes the customer EWSD and Surpass (VoIP) network stability suppport, upgrade cases, expansions, new projects (include large scale and geographically distributed networks). We are ready to support all of the customers independently from EWSD and Surpass network size and version and can perfrom the projects without NSN assistance with high performance and reasonable prices.

We support all of the NetManager versions and configurations with versions from v4N to v7.0. All of the NetM applications are supported, include the Centralized Backup and Restore (CBR), Forgeign OS (FOS), Subscriber Maintenence Commander (SMC), Autopatch (AuP), Signaling No.7 Management (SS7Mgmt), Performance Data Collector (PDC), Number Portability (NP and NP FOS GW via Corba and SOAP) and Performance Presentation SPOTS solutions.

We have experience in NetManager interfaces customization to customer needs. For example the we developed the automized NetManager subsystem for EWSD, hiE9200 and hiQ4200 subscribers features activations and deactivations based on billing center data and the analogue of Centralized EWSD/hiE/hIS Backup and Restore subsystem based on standard NetM core licenses (no CBR licenses needed).

The list of significant projects our enginners took part since 1997.

We are open for all cooperation proposals.

The detailed information about services can be obtained by +7 383 213-16-59 phone or via "Contacts".