"NKS" Ltd

   we are small company organized by TAC-2 and Tier-3 Siemens and NSN support engineers which provide the support for customers who has the EWSD and other Siemens products on field. Our main target is stable customer network and customer satisfaction by our services.

We provide the computing networks and business critical services support. Since 2012 our team provides the high quality support of Siemens EWSD, Surpass (VoIP), hiE9200, hiS700 and NetManager solutions in include the projects handling. The support is SLA based and provided in 24x7x365 mode (English language). Please call +7 (913) 9851659 for details.

The IT service includes

The "NKS" Company provide:

  • the full range of Siemens and NSN EWSD, hiE9200, Surpass, hiS700 and NetManager products support

  • the EWSD, hiE9200, Surpass, hiS700, NetManager projects handling in Russia and abroad

  • the DCN networks support include the x.25 network solutions

  • the wired and wireless networks design and construction

  • the installation, software tuning and support of brandname servers on Windows and Unix

  • the deployment of EMC data protection solutions

  • the virtualized environment support on EMC (VMware), MS, Citrix hypervisors

  • the SMB level VoIP solutions deployment

  • The detailed information about services can be obtained by +7 383 213-16-59 phone or via "Contacts".