Networking support

We provide wide range of services for data communication network and infrastructure deployment starting from equipment installation to long-term equipment and base software support. We make develop and deployment of OAM traffic transmission system solutions between OSS and managed Network Elements.

In case IT-personnel has not enough skills we can take SLA based responsibility of company network functioning based on SLA agreements.

The Data Communication Network installation.

One of our main activities is related constructing of the reliable network for transmission of OAM traffic between Telecom OSS system and managed Network Elements. We also manage the projects for Control and Payload traffic organization.

We have experience with FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet and x.25 networks deployment for varios purposes. The typical network infrastructure we support is based on Cisco equipment for Ethernet LAN and WAN solutions. We perform the x.25 network projects based on Funkwerk routers (Bintec R4300/R4400 series) and Cisco ( 26xx and 37xx series) to organize the x.25 based OAM traffic between NetManager OSS system and EWSD classic switches using the IP network.

We have deep experience in the constructing of various types of networks for small and medium companies. Each of the solution has being customized to satisfy the customer requirements and provide the optimal ratio between performance characteristic and price.

We perform the network structure design, HW installation, active equipment setup and network securing. The solutions we implement are based on wired, wireless and mixed network schemes. We can identify the bottlenecks, deploy the active equipment monitoring and secure the existing networks.

The support may cover not only monitoring and troubleshooting of network itself but also the customer servers and workstations.

The detailed information about services can be obtained by +7 383 213-16-59 phone or via "Contacts".