Industrial servers support

We provide the installation, setup, securing and long-term support of solutions based on brandname servers and Windows Server or Unix OSes. We provide the qualified on-site and remote support for the industrial servers functioning.

We work with variety of configurations as well via remote and on-site access and able to provide the Emergency service in 24x7 mode include the support by phone for English speaking customers. Just call us to +7 383 2131659 to get the detailed information about our IT services.

The industrial class servers software and hardware support.

We have deep experience with the soultions based on Windows and Unix products and brandname equipment such as HP, IBM and Fujitsu servers and storages. The solutions we are handling based on Microsoft Windows Server, EMC VMware, EMC Networker, Oracle RDBMS, SUN Solaris, Citirx XenApp, RedHat products.

The projects we handled included the Telecom OSS systems deployment on Fujitsu Primergy and HP Proliant equipment within the server racks. Most of the projects were related to OSS NetManager and Switch Commander software setup. The projects also included the hardware monitoring solutions like Fujitsu ServerView, HP Insight Manager or 3-d-Party software integration to customer network and equipment montoring center.

We can provide the 24x7 support service for the customer business critical applications according to the SLAs defined between us and customer. There are HW and SW monitoring solution we can implement on customer network to avoid the data lost due to HW components mulfunction. The backup soultion we implementing provides the 100% information safety and recovery facility in case of total systems crash.

We perform the servers virtualiztion projects include the legacy OS and PCI-cards support. The legacy PCI-cards which are not supported by modern OSes can be used by virtual machines. For example this is valid for projects of NetManager v4N, v5.1 and v6.2 with x.25 Eicon cards on-board virtualization.

Each of the solution we create for our customer usualy contains the customized components. Some of the solutions provided by us allow customer to cut the expenses due to open sourse software implementation for part of the applications.

We provide the detailed information about implemented solution and customer IT-personnel training. If necessary we can support the solution on long-term base.

The detailed information about services can be obtained by +7 383 213-16-59 phone or via "Contacts".